Entity Awakens Regret With Latest Single "How Did You Get Into My Bed"

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“My head’s saying no, my body’s saying yes.”

Marking her first release of 2021, ENTITY drops the all-too-relatable single How Did You Get Into My Bed. This track sends listeners directly into their feels with indecisive lyrics that show the common dilemma between emotional and physical attraction.


This down-tempo pop track is composed of an eerie bassline topped with floaty vocals and mesmerizing synths. The beautiful instrumentation combined with the emotional lyrics portrays just what it feels like when a lover returns despite knowing they are wrong for you. How Did You Get Into My Bed demonstrates ENTITY’s artistic ability in a beautiful way by combining her real-life experiences with hypnotic melodies.


The single is paired with a compelling video that visually shows the confusion and regret ENTITY is feeling throughout the song. The dazzling pink light alludes to the brighter shades of love that were once felt, but have since turned toxic. ENTITY has since revealed How Did You Get Into My Bed was written about her experience of coming to the realization that she had fallen in love with a woman and the process of defining her sexuality as bi-sexual and allowing herself to love both men and women.


ENTITY, also known as Natalie Diaz, is a New York-based artist known for her musical versatility. She is a  multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, producer, and DJ with a passion for music that drives her to learn as many instruments and styles as possible. In her own words, Diaz produces it, then she DJ’s it.


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