This special edition of The Cultural Reset's Artist Interview Series features Indian-born, singer-songwriter, Aaryan Banthia on the cusp of his new, feel-good acoustic album: 'Best Day of My Life'. In this feature, Aaryan speaks to The Cultural Reset's Ingrid Nin about his artistic journey as well his perspective on the true power creatives hold in the music industry.


Photo: Aaryan Banthia


Where/when did your individual creative journey begin?

Well, my Individual journey began when I was in Mumbai, India. I had started my professional music career with "The Bombay Gramophone Company' (TBGC) before I turned Indie. However, the band broke up in 2019 because I wanted a change and also wanted to challenge myself a lot more creatively.

Tell us the story of how you became a singer/songwriter.

Experiences and Influences mostly. Your life experiences teach you a lot and I wanted to write about them. Since I was already a musician, I wanted to explore writing songs and wrote 'Yaadein' (a song on lost love) first. The song was released with Zee Music Company and reached a million views within a month. This gave me a lot of confidence to write more and I have finally started to feel at home with it.

Tell us about your artistry. What would you say is your mission with your songs? And who are your influences (message/music style)?

Like everybody else, I want my music to touch the world. It has been my lifelong dream to become a musician and bring success to my family and country. My influences are Dire Straits, John Mayer, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Rogers, Bryan Adams and Cliff Richard. All for various reasons. I could write a book on them if I could.

Can you speak on your process when creating songs? When do you feel most inspired?

I don't really have a process and always go with the flow. I have composed and released in a lot of genres and don't like sticking to a particular genre for my music. Inspiration honestly comes from so many places, it is really difficult to say it. I guess it's a flow thing.


Tell us about your latest release. What was your artistic process for creating 'Best Day Of My Life'?

Initially it all started with an urge to write a Pop song since it had been long since I released one. I have heard a lot of Pop/Country Pop Music back in the day, hence composing one wasn't the hardest part though writing it initially was. Mainly because it's Pop and you just cannot go wrong. Also, I wanted to write a happier song and spread some positivity given the current times, hence 'Best Day of My Life'. There is no heartbreak in it, just a purely happy couple reminiscing the best day of their life; the day they met for the first time.

Is there anything about the industry you'd want to change as you progress in your career? Tell us about some experiences you overcame.

The industry is doing a great job. There has been so much growth in terms of music and music tech. It is surely the best time to challenge yourselves as artists and make great music.

Are there any insufficiencies or injustices in the music industry that you'd like to see rectified?

I believe there are injustices since there are still a lot of great musicians out there who haven't yet gotten the big break. However, I also believe it's the hard work, the dedication, passion and most importantly the perseverance which make an artist. Every individual is in total control I believe. They just have to be ready to walk the extra mile.


Photo: 'Best Day of My Life'-Aaryan Banthia


What are some upcoming projects you are working on? When can we expect them and from where can we stream them?

Working on a Hindi Pop song at the moment. It's been a while since I have released an original song in Hindi. It will be available in all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music etc) and on YouTube very soon.

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives looking to break into the music industry?

Well, keep doing what you do and be what you are. Be yourselves and make music that "you" would.


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