This special edition of The Cultural Reset's Artist Interview Series features composer, producer, and engineer, Eazyly fresh off the release of his newest single: 'Stereo'. This feature sees Eazyly speak to The Cultural Reset's Ingrid Nin on his journey from high school music curator to professional artist/producer as well as his hope for better algorithms so audiences have more control over finding new music.

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Tell us the story of how you became a producer?

In high school, I was pretty excited to share and curate music by showing friends but I got more involved in music in my life at California State Fullerton where I studied Nursing. One of my co-workers’ boyfriends was a DJ in the area. We were at his birthday party and I was just there and they had a DJ deck and all of his friends made music and were DJ-ing and I just hopped on the decks and made a duo with this guy Pat. I started to learn producing and DJ-ing with him. Later on, I joined a collective called Lossless with various producer and DJ talents from Fullerton and I started to produce and mix some sets and they ran shows at the university with some notable industry names.

Tell us about your artistry? What's your mission with your art? And who are your influences?

I really try to capture and encapsulate that experience of getting lost and escaping and putting that in my music. I want to show my listener how that feels to feel ecstatic, or the nomenclature of ecstasy is being ecstatic. I want to give people that feeling with just the music. It's possible because listening to music can give you surges of dopamine and serotonin which is the active stuff that your body produces.

My older cousin Jonathan was going to raves in the 90s, so I did get influenced by that. Jonathan used to listen to a lot of ATB, Dash Berlin, Armin van Buuren...a lot of old trance. I remember going to his room and listening to him. He would be raving at home with his friends. I remember my sister going out to a rave, in a fantastic rave outfit and being like ‘where are you going’? I wasn’t directly exposed to actually rave stuff from them, they were a good influence to not rave around me, but I caught glimpses into the scene, which was kind of like an illusion later on in high school, when I stepped into that world.

Other notable musical influences include Mura Masa, Porter Robinson, & Flume.

"...I definitely want to follow in the footsteps of producers who have pushed & blurred the lines of accessible, electronic influences in music..."

Can you speak on your process when creating projects? When do you feel most inspired?

I like to sometimes start with a groove or drums— as I think it provides a good foundation on how you can make the music syncopate uniquely! I think I kind of bloom when I work with other people, I think it's an extrovert thing. When I'm alone I get bored. I think working with people really electrifies me.

Tell us about your latest release STEREO. What was your artistic process for creating this piece?

With this song, I wanted to create a pretty dark mood. So I used sounds including distorted choirs, frogs, and synths. The initial melody line is actually a super phased, distorted guitar! I wanted the listener to be absorbed in this world of like graveyard, horror landscape. Recording with Rvchl was an absolute pleasure and her vocals on this were electric. I then had L I O come one & swoon the middle 8 of the song. Love how it came out— and hope you do too.

Photo: Eazyly

Is there anything about the industry you’d want to change as you progress in your career?

I wouldn’t say I’d change it, but I definitely want to follow in the footsteps of producers who have pushed & blurred the lines of accessible, electronic influences in music.

Are there any insufficiencies or injustices in the music industry that you’d like to see rectified?

I want to see powerful algorithms that allow someone to personally select & combine options to find new music! To not be just swooned by general curated playlists.

What are some upcoming projects you are working on? When can we expect them? Where can we stream them?

Oh man so many! I have a song every month for the next two years on every platform. Search Eazyly. I also have a group project called Torsades!

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives looking to break into the music industry?

It takes a lot of time, grind, hard work, and luck. You will be paid less than minimum if you average by the amount of hours worked. If you don't love music then it’s not for you!

Or you can just make music for fun and not try to break into the industry.


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