This special edition of The Cultural Reset's Artist Interview Series features Korean R&B singer-songwriter, Kuk Seung Pyo. Fresh off the release of his newest single 'Why Do You', Kuk Seung Pyo speaks to The Cultural Reset about the influence behind his sound, his perspective on being an independent artist, and his advice for young creatives paving a path in the music industry.


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Tell us about your artistry? Who is 'Kuk Seung Po'? What would you say is your mission with your art? And what artists would you say are your biggest influences (message/music style/etc.)

I am an R&B singer-songwriter in Korea. It has been a little over two years since I released my first single. I would say my mission is to make R&B music that anyone can listen to. I want to make R&B songs that all generations can enjoy.

One of my biggest influences is The Weeknd. When I listen to his music, I can feel his emotions of happiness, sadness, gloominess, and many other feelings just by listening to his music. Sometimes it even feels like I'm talking with him directly. Moreover, it's the genre that I really like and I want to be talented like him. What is your artistic process like when creating projects? When do you feel most inspired?

First, I try to fully focus on myself when I start making a new song. Depending on how I am, the song can be very bright or very deep. Then I start beat-making with my team members and make a top-line guide. Afterward, I work on all the details of the song. I feel inspired when I have a conversation with others and hear about their feelings and experiences.

Photo: Kuk Seung Pyo


Let's talk about your latest release: 'Why Do You'. What was your process like for writing this track? What inspired the composition behind it?"

It wasn't an easy process from the beginning. We changed the overall mood of the beat many different times, and we finally made a beat that we really liked. Then we chose a theme that goes well with the song and made a lot of efforts to create a good melody with the other featuring artist. I was inspired when I had a lot of conversations with my beat-making friends. We talked and shared a lot about each other's favorite genres and music styles.

Is there anything about the industry you’d want to change as you progress in your career? Have you ever felt like you've experienced limitations or injustices due to your identity in your career (as a musician)?

I feel like it is very important to work with the label and have large investments while working in the music industry. As an independent artist, it's very difficult and limited to promote my music and album on my own.


What are some upcoming projects you are working on? When can we expect them?

I'm continuously working on my new albums. I will be releasing a new single on April 6th and am planning to release another one in May.

What advice would you give to creatives looking to break into the music industry?

I would say that a brighter day will definitely come if you don't give up and continuously try. I believe that a good opportunity will come if you work hard on making new music and put a lot of efforts in it. I hope you continuously work for your dream and never give up.


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