In this addition of TCR's Artist Feature we joined an 1824 press conference with rising artist TiaCorine. Her hip hop style has evolved from anime, video games fused with pop and rock. The album 34Corine has recently release a deluxe version which features Dababy. TiaCorine is on an etherial, playful and retro journey and were ready to explore the animated/atomic realm were her music lives.


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The Cultural Reset had the privilege to interview musician TiaCorine through 1824 Media. Tia hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and recently released a remix of her song Lotto with Dababy on the deluxe version of her album 34Corine.

When asked about how her heritage influences her music and career by Finessed Media, TiaCorine talked about her parents' musical influence. Her mom and dad’s heritage are Japanese/African American and Shoshone Native American, this influenced the types of music she was hearing from a young age. The music that was introduced to TiaCorine was hip hop, rock and pop. These familiar sounds were later fused into her own music.


When asked about where she finds the inspiration for her samples, she listed anime, Super Mario Bros, and even Rush Hour as muses from her childhood that she looks back to while recording.

Super Awesome Mix asked TiaCorine what her influences and faves are in music and she listed off Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, Usher, Ginuwine, Lil Wayne, Ashanti, and Biggie. These were artists that she listened to in the car with her dad, and as she said “lil TiaCorine was trying.”

When TCR asked TiaCorine for some advice she had for people who are trying to balance life with following their passions? She said “It's going to be tough and that's okay, you might cry, and that is also okay, you need to make sure you are eating and not just junk food please drink water and please add exercise because that is very important. And also make sure you sage and keep and remember what kind of energy because that will reflect onto and mirror what you put out as a musician definitely try to make sure you fit in meditation sessions doesn't have to be long but it is very important to keep a balance”.

Later, TCR asked what is her favorite part of introducing people to her anime style trap? Tia shared that her “Favorite part is really just the look on their face honestly because a lot of them are just like what is this...they are so intrigued and baffled and confused and like they just have no words and like yeah I really have my own style I have my own ways and it's awesome we don't have to sound like somebody else you can really just be yourself you know what I mean so that's my favorite part is proving to people you can be yourself there is no secret formula there is no ritual like no you just literally take what's in you and you put it out and you don't care what anybody thinks, it's just what you come up with.”


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