In this newest Artist Feature, inspired music collective, The Starships, sits down with TCR to discuss their experience creating as a group as well as their perspective on the current music market and achieving success in a male dominated industry. In a powerful piece, The Starships lay a foundation for how the industry can be reset in the favor of artists.


Photo: The Starships


Where/when did your individual creative journey begin?

The Starships creative journey came from multiple paths of different artists, it wasn’t until as recent as 2015 when all paths crossed each other and we decided to collaborate.

Tell us the story of how you became a musician/artist?

Many of us within the collective have various backgrounds in music, some as early as childhood and others as early as adolescent years. We all acquired a certain level of professionalism that resulted in us connecting.

Tell us about your artistry? What would you say is your mission with your art? And who are your influences (message/music style)?

Our mission is dedicated to improving the quality of musical content, composition, and production by embracing the culture from which we come. As a team, we seek to inspire in the hearts & minds of people with the intent of connecting humanity from all walks of life.

Can you speak on your process when creating projects? When do you feel most inspired?

It mostly starts with jam sessions or writing sessions. We would usually work on a song on the spot or have a track made and just jam out while recording voice memos as references. From there we follow up and revise.

Tell us about your latest release “Living Water”. What was your artistic process for creating this piece?

Living Water is a song that started with a Jam Session in which we collaborated to see how we could make a hard-hitting conscious song. A lot of post-production went into it but it turned out to be gold as an end result.

Is there anything about the industry you’d want to change as you progress in your career? Tell us about some experiences you overcame.

We want to bring back real A&R’s and artists' development. The market is so over-saturated with artists who aren’t developed so they become disposable in a market that seeks instant gratification. We also want to change the narrative of artists having “clout” or a following to receive a certain amount of recognition. Talent matters more than clout.

Have you ever experienced limitations in your career (as a musician) due to your identity?

Never experienced any limitations in our careers as a collective. We won’t know until we cross that bridge.

Are there any insufficiencies or injustices in the music industry that you’d like to see rectified?

The music industry is mostly male-dominated and we seek to see more women empowered in the industry and not seen as a token or object but rather taken seriously for their work ethic. Also, we wish to see more African-Americans on the board at the executive level because they’re more connected to our culture than others who don’t understand it.

What are some upcoming projects you are working on? When can we expect them? Where can we stream them?

We’re working on new music as we speak so please be on the lookout for anything coming up within a few months and yes it will be available everywhere.

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives looking to break into the music industry?

Stay true to yourself and enhance your quality, by all means, study the game as well as the greats who came before you so you can take heed to their work ethic. Professionalism is critically essential so always make it a priority and lastly, relationships and connections matter through this industry so be strategic about who you work with.


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