PRINCESSBRI...Who Is Sheeee?


“...You don't like, well fuck you / I'm not sorry I'm toxic, you love it...”

I would love to give you the background on PRINCESSBRI, but it seems that she prefers to live her internet life in secrecy; and I can respect that. The only thing we can say for sure about PRINCESSBRI is that she’s from Ottawa, Canada (or at least that’s what her socials say.) Self-described on her Twitter as “pixie from the void,” PRINCESSBRI truly is the Digital Dream Girl


In the opening song of the album, My World, our dream girl lets us into her reviere. The song's lyrics read like a diary entry. It’s personal and troubled, the hallmark of every truly great pop punk ballad. The backing band champions PRINCESSBRI and follows her blindly through the ups and downs of the clearly torchered love affair. Under and in between her lyrics, I can see this bop blaring out of some old speakers at a basement party. It screams “let’s mosh.”


U Don’t Care opens with a similar chord progression as the one prior, In the End, but with a completely different attitude. While hard and rough electric guitar builds intensity, sudden drops into an indie pop paradise wholeheartedly echo PRINCESSBRI’s versatility in style, range, and emotion. When digging into the lyrical content, it seems like the song is evaluating (what I perceive as) a past relationship, possibly with a friend or a lover, who she realized never cared. 


The title track Sick of It All mirrors the essence of the rest of the album; an early 2000’s pop punk powerhouse that blasts through the speakers of your moms 1998 Toyota Corolla. It makes me nostalgic for my teenage, rage-ridden self, and truly makes me want to rock out with my coc-confindence out. The energy of the song tetters on the edge of a tantrum while PRINCESSBRI balances the scale trying to justify her right to be fed up with the wrongdoers and the ne'er do wellers.  


PRINCESSBRI wraps up the album with I’m Not Sorry, a reminder that no “sorrys'' are wanted or needed. This song serves as a final melodic memento that the album is a culmination of frustration, certainly not an apology. Punctuated riffs follow PRINCESSBRI as she closes the door on this hemorrhage of exacerbated love-vendetta.


She’s unapologetic. She’s confident. She’s perfect. And she’s not afraid to tell you to “fuck off.” 


PRINCESSBRI is the manic digital pixie dream girl we’ve all been waiting for. 
















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