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The sixth studio album by Tyler, The Creator is a canonical addition to his already conceptual discography. His melodic Malibu sound reverberates through this musically diverse and consumable album. “CALL ME WHEN YOU LET LOST” cultivates his classic “fuck you” lyrics over a more refined musical palate with undertones of a more luxurious and affluent version of Tyler. 


The first track on the album, “SIR BAUDELAIRE" (featuring DJ Drama) is our introduction to Tyler’s newest persona; a worldly and opulent character that borrows influence from French poet Charles Baudelaire. Tyler has fully embraced the rich and famous character of high esteem and welcomes us into his lavish life of travel. Consistent with previous albums, the opening track sets the scene and introduces elements heard through the album. Each audio nugget evokes crystalline imagery that allows the audience another step closer towards Baudelaire’s inevitable demise. 


The grandiose entrance of “LEMONHEAD” is royally proclaimed with a symphony of trumpets. The brass bassline lays down a solid rhythm for Tyler’s rolling rhymes as he stands on top of the world high and mighty. Using his phone as an instrument, Tyler wound up using a ringing phone and the FaceTime tone as a tasteful accent. This beat makes you wanna stomp and holler like “Ring ring who is it?” “It’s 42 Dugg, flying first-class, luxury to meet Tyler at the top of the world.” The high life is calling and we are grasping for the phone.


The fan favorite, “WUSYANAME” is the smooth joint that’s fully got the juice. This idyllic R&B track sensually lays it on thick with support from YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Ty Dolla $ign. Tyler uses almost a falsetto while singing the melodic chorus while dropping down to his sultry low voice when he raps (a staple for Tyler, The Creator.). Perfumes, indie movies, and sweet talk; that’s where this song will take you- but first what IS your name? This song is the smoothest pickup line that promises you everything you could ever want because Tyler knows how to charm us with his fantasies of lust, love, and wealth. To travel the world with Tyler, all he needs is your name. How is he not going to expect a DM from me with my name? I'll tell you, Tyler! Now take me to Switzerland damn it. 

Based on an experience at a Utah Starbucks, “LUMBERJACK” makes their entrance seem like a baptism on the main stage. Taking only a momentary pause to shout out his Mom and Dad, Tyler jumps back saying “Rolls Royce pull up, Black boy get out.” Flaunting his success like a lumberjack chopping down the stacks. References to Tyler’s parents are his attempts to humble himself and recognize the importance of his parents' support and approval. He may be royalty in our eyes, but he is still grateful to the people who brought him into this world. 


Recording this album through the pandemic in the faraway lands of Switzerland, California, and Utah, this album is a trip to the world written in an era where travel is closer to death than hell itself. CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST is an open invitation that makes it seem like the dream life is only a phone call away. Just give Tyler a call, tell him your name, and hop on the flight to musical escapism.



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