Khamari Brings the Heat with Debut Album 'Eldorado'


"Like I got lightning in the soles of my feet / I been running running 'way from the heat."

In the age of social media, it takes true talent to stand out as an artist of any kind. It is almost unheard of for a musician to make it big without first reaching into the realms of social media. For this reason, Khamari’s quick success truly demonstrates how unique and incredible his music is. With a total of only five songs released, Khamari has reached a tremendous number of listens on streaming platforms. This number, along with the number of fans, is only going up from here. 


If there is one thing to highlight about Khamari, it's how relatable he is. He writes lyrics that convey the thoughts and emotions many people experience everyday. Khamari isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and real in his music, which makes listeners feel heard and understood. The most relatable writing of his would have to be his Spotify biography, which simply says “been staring at this shit for 30 min.” As someone who hates their turn in every icebreaker activity, I felt that. 


'Eldorado' is an example of the poetic genius that is Khamari. In the span of 16 minutes, he invites listeners to take a glimpse at his life through smooth lyricism. This chill-hop album reveals true human emotions while allowing listeners to bop to its fluid beats produced by Trackside. 'Eldorado' is the first of what we hope to be many releases by Khamari, and is a showcase of how talented he is as an artist. 


The album opens with Jealous, a track that conveys the struggles of being on the come-up in whatever it is you are working on. The lyrics explore what it feels like to constantly watch those around you succeed and have a great time while you are grinding away in your bedroom to make something out of yourself. This can be a lonely feeling, and often leaves you feeling (you guessed it) jealous of your friends and peers. By capturing this feeling, Khamari both created a beautiful track that many can relate to, and proved that these hard times lead to greatness. Currently, Jealous has over 1,500,000 streams on Spotify alone and is featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: Pop” playlist.


Released as Khamari’s second single, The Heat discusses dealing with conflict and making the best out of dark times. This track is so hot (no pun intended) that it’s currently his top streamed track with over 2,000,000 Spotify streams. The combination of Khamari’s velvety voice and the groovy baseline are musical perfection, resulting in a song that can be left on repeat all day without losing its spark (pun intended).


Title track Demons (Eldorado) concludes the album in a beautiful way. The track itself shares the story of wanting to be with somebody who allows their demons to overcome them. No matter what you say or do, they cannot be helped unless they want to help themselves. The track itself has an acoustic feel that brings beauty to the tragedy of the words, making listeners feel it that much more.


As a whole, 'Eldorado' is a magnificent chill-hop album that demonstrates Khamari’s talents as a musician and song-writer. In 16 minutes, the album makes you feel a range of emotions that are both happy and sad. Listeners of all kinds can find something in this album to relate to, making it a resettable album by invoking thought. Everyone has a different journey, but can all be united though the words of this album. Khamari is definitely an artist to watch; I only see him going up from here.


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