girl in red turns the world red in debut Album 'if i could make it go quiet'

girl in red

”Did you listen to her heartbeat like you did with me?
Was it more than sex? Pure physicality"

Call it what you want: “Sexual frustration,” “pent up emotion,” or maybe “lovesickness,” but girl in red evokes all the feels on her debut studio album if i could make it go quiet. Inside of the world in red (the realm of girl in red) mental health conflicts and sexuality are prominent pillars. Marie Ulvan Ringhelm is the queer icon that bring us into this world that girl in red roams on her own plane. 


Originally released as a single, Serotonin stands at the front of the album. The tug-o-war with mental health and chemical imbalances is a familiar struggle which pulls this song in opposing directions. Straining between a slower calm and the chaotic sprints of lyrical confessions, the underlying melody is a consistent beating heart, while the uncontrollable swings of strings are a musical representation of panic attacks and depression. Its chaos is oddly comforting because it translates the emotional mess into a track that can be listened to over and over.  


Betrayed and unsatisfied, girl in red questions the details of an unfaithful sexual interaction in Did you come? Intentionally filled with spite and pointed questions this song is raged up and furious. Infidelity set to a simple yet strong piano sow the seeds for a girl seeking answers. Provoked and bitter, her string of pervasive rhetorical questioning does not seek answers, rather it seeks to say “FUCK YOU.”


Body and Mind is a self-fight song. The inner battle between oneself tears into the world with a cry for silence. The stirring emotions create a vortex of heavy and low frequencies that are drawn from her beating red heart. This is a clear rally for motivation towards self health. Striving to love oneself, sometimes, is to make your inner machinations go quiet.


Musicians on the road face the challenge of disconnection and instability. On the road, on a plane, or in the hotel, girl in red misses companionship. This hornylovesickmess is a bundle of pent up sexual frustration (a relatable feeling.) Fading in with intensity and out with a spacey detachment, the listener is brought into the world of red now on the move. While it may be fun as fuck it is certainly lonesome. The end of the song conjures up imagery akin to that of Sandy Cheeks, begging to go home. 


I need closure here and so does girl in red. The journey of mental health and sexual satisfaction never comes to a clear end, but then again the path to self discovery rarely does. If I can't make it go quiet in my head, I would rather have girl in red instead. 


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