Junglepussy Proves She is the Main Attraction with Fourth Album: 'Jp4'

By Sarah Gelinas

“There's a rainbow out my window; brown skin poppin', need a pot of gold.”

Through three bold, unapologetic albums, Junglepussy (aka Shayna McHayle) has earned her reputation of being one of the most risk-taking and funny rappers on the scene today. The New York native has continued to incorporate themes of sexual positivity and self love in her strong flows as she raps about the real things people experience while navigating both relationships and life. Her albums are a look inside of what is happening in her mind, allowing listeners to see and feel everything. Her latest album, Jp4, is no exception, allowing listeners to dive in deeper than ever before. Jp4 takes McHayle’s insecurities and transforms them into empowerment, resulting in ten inspiring new tracks for fans to indulge in.


Jp4 fully encaptures McHayle’s vision of her desired sound, and the outcome is just as unique as she is. In an interview leading up to the release of the album, McHayle said, "From the genesis of Junglepussy, I struggled with my sound, because what I was doing at the time, I knew it wasn't really, really, really what I wanted to do. But I just didn't know how to get there. Jp4 really sounds like and feels like I got there." The album is the perfect combination of hazey trip-hop beats and inspiring RnB verses that reaches new levels of ingenuity.


McHayle kicks off the album with Bad News, a dark track that is exactly what it sounds like. The song encompasses themes of the negative emotions created by an unfulfilling relationship, not getting the recognition you deserve, and saying “I’m fine,” even when you are not. This strong glitch-hop track uses heavy synths to give listeners an eerie feeling as they enter the depths of what is to come on the album.

Main Attraction defines what McHayle looks for in a partner: someone who is authentic, introverted and healthy. She is tired of playing the games that are so common in the realm of dating, and would prefer the quiet company of someone who treats her as the main attraction. This track was released leading up to the album, and is accompanied by a provocative music video starring McHayle herself.


Featuring Ian Isiah, Out My Window is a dynamic track that pulls inspiration from loving yourself as if you are your most valuable treasure. The track begins with an upbeat RnB feel and shifts to a lower tempo, using deep beats to allow listeners to connect to the meaning behind the lyrics. Out My Window fights against the materialist mindset many people have and encourages listeners to discover the beauty they have within them.

No matter what you are aiming to obtain, you must first recognize that you are the treasure at the end of the rainbow. 


Stamina, featuring Gangsta Boo, begins with a dramatic string section and quickly transitions to an empowering rap verse. In this catchy track, McHayle discusses topics of female empowerment and sexual positivity. Stamina is an anthem for those looking to take charge of their sex life while maintaining healthy boundaries.


With its many themes of female empowerment, sexual positivity, and self love, Jp4 is a compelling representation of a Cultural Reset. The ability to fuse hard-hitting rap lines and deep, uplifting messages is not easy to come by. By sticking with her beliefs and creating a sound that is uniquely her own, McHayle shares her mind with listeners in a truly refreshing way. JP4 puts McHayle into the spotlight like never before, proving that she is (and always has been) the main attraction. 

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