Victoria Canal Shows the Strength of Vulnerability in New EP: 'Victoria'

“Hold tight ‘cause hiding’s not enough anymore”

As you listen to the birds chirping and the wind coming in through the window, put yourself in the shoes of a wandering soul. Born into a nomadic life, not staying in one place for longer than a few months, Victoria Canal is our wayfaring soldier. As a child, her connection to music bloomed from her Grandmother. She has witnessed the magic of piano and the emotional power music has on its listeners since the age of three. Victoria came into the world missing half of her right arm, but it didn’t slow her down. She started to learn piano from her Grandma, then guitar, ukulele and trumpet on her own volition. 


As Canal has come up in the world of music it has been her mission to make space for “differently-abled” people. By working with other, as she says, “asymmetric” people, playing at accessible locations, participating in modeling campaigns and interviews to show that she truly has no limitations. Our lack of exposure to differently abled people through social media and the fashion industry caused us to see it as unusual. This puts Victoria in awkward situations when people stare, children cry, or when she is tokenized in her modeling career. If others were accustomed to seeing differently-abled people in all facets in life, then it would not be seen as such an oddity. 

TCR wanted to champion Victoria for the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month and her position as a LGBTQ+ woman in the music industry. Although her voice alone is enough to celebrate. 


The first track opens with a soft intro of birds and passing cars. Redo has an ambient, textured background, including samples of waves hitting the shore and chirping birds over a smooth piano tune. The lyrics are pointed to her closest friend whom Victoria is asking for forgiveness from. The first thing after waking up, as Victoria, is reflection. Perhaps a mistake was made and in the new day, she is looking for the chance to start over. Her soft yet raw voice yearns to be heard by listeners and friends alike. Her message is simple, we make mistakes, but everyday is a new day and a chance for a redo.


First released as a single, Drama could stand alone. When karma plays out we hate to see it, but we love to see it. Especially when it’s someone who talks big sh*t and starts all the drama. Victoria could easily ignore others and go along with her business, in this shake up song. Although the song itself is dramatic. Try to keep up with her vocals as they mirror the highs and lows as the self uplifting pop beat races and slows. Yet it always returns to the calm of the initial driving guitar rhythm. 

In the title track, Victoria, Ms. Canal rightly salutes herself. Personally, I would strut down the street, chin up, and take on the world to this track. Her vocal techniques in this pep talk are like riding up an escalator and stepping out onto a catwalk and then going back downstairs to do it all again. This song is Victoria taking a look in the mirror and liking what she sees. We all need that voice in our head that says “You're better than anybody else.” 


Prepare yourself now, this final song on the EP is a tear jerker. Taking a major step back, this final song Favor is a plea. A line that stands out is “If god had a pencil, he drew me a curse, I feel like a devil, for whatever it's worth.” We all deserve to be loved, and to be loved for who we are, including our flaws. Is that really so much to ask? This duet of vocals and piano is a soulful ask for forgiveness and a favor.


All in all, Victoria by Victoria Canal may have been created as a form of therapy and self-reflection, but it also speaks volumes to her listeners. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we all ask for forgiveness from a friend, beat ourselves up, feel above the drama, tell ourselves we are kick-ass, and need some love. 


We had the honor of talking with Victoria over Zoom and she shared her mission of creating space for differently-abled people in the music industry while also discussing her, sometimes oddball, creative methods behind her newest EP Victoria. Victoria shared her experience playing a role in producing this EP. Her friend and producer Martin Luke Brown played a huge role in her creative process. With bits and pieces recorded on her phone between bites of burritos, long sits on her pals kitchen floors, and the support of her loving community, it’s no wonder why Victoria moves all who give it a listen. In her interview Victoria gave us a hint that her next EP will be completely produced by herself. We look forward to hearing what's to come! For the full interview and more of her story,  Click Here.

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